Welcome To Rineen Wellness Centre

We are located over-looking Rineen Woods and West Cork’s Coastline

Our Wellness Centre

We are situated in a beautiful and peaceful part of West Cork, overlooking the sea and woods. Built to facilitate an environment inductive to relaxation, Rineen is a place to get away from the hustle and bustle and switch off in order to reflect on one’s life.

Run by Julie Reed and her husband, Bruce. Julie has 40 years of experience in various therapies and now is developing her work to cater for those who wish to create change and growth in their lives, to reach a higher level of happiness and fulfilment through a deeper meaning and purpose.

We also grow our organic vegetables which are served during the retreats.

We offer a range of therapies, retreats and self-catering accommodation.

Services at Rineen Wellness Centre

Massage Therapy

Deep tissue massage is used to relax the body while concentrating on areas that may be strained or aching.
We will use the ideal pressure for your body.

Emotion & Body Code

This deeper work allows for a release of deeper levels of tension and emotional stress stored in the body. This deep-release work leaves one feeling much looser freer and energized.

Wellness Retreat

Each retreat package includes accommodation activities, wellness and meals in an idyllic location.
We organise everything…just book & turn up!

Meet Our Team


Julie has 40 years of experience in various therapies, she specialises in massage Therapy, emotion code, body code, hypnotherapy and food intolerance testing


Julie is delighted to hand down her skills and experience to her son Simeon. Simeon is trained in Personal training, emotion code, body code and massage

Body Code & Detox Retreat

Next Retreat 28th – 30th of December

3 Day 2-night Retreat Including:

  • 2 Nights Full Board
  • 2 Body Code Sessions
  • 2 Infra Red Sauna Sessions
  • 2 Sessions with a personal trainer
  • Relax and unwind in the beautiful West Cork

All for just


*Discount for accommodation sharing

Video Testimonials

20 Five-Star Reviews


Catherine Kavanagh

Simeon is so gentle and patient to work with. The sessions are so interesting and unique to each person.
Stuff came up from the past which I had no idea was causing any blocks.
Everything is so precise as in what age you were when it happened.
Amazing work, everyone should gift themselves to it!
Thank you Simeon

Margaret Hurley

Had my first healing session with Julie.
After a lifetime of feeling unwell, I feel I have finally found the path to wellness.
Julie is wonderful.
Looking forward to our follow-up sessions.


Simeon was really calming and patient.
Still processing the emotions released (there was a lot to clear), but getting there.
Well worth considering the treatment.


Amazing improvements felt within 2 weeks
Thank you Simeon for your help!x


Julie is a wonderful therapist. She holds a very safe and comfortable space.
Old cords and blockages are safely removed, it is a very direct but profound method of healing.
Highly recommend. Thank you angel Julie. Xxxx

Kate Mallatratt

Simeon was extremely professional and the Body Code session
was excellent at releasing emotional ‘baggage’.
Highly recommended.


I’m so grateful for the wonderful healing and connecting with you.
Thank you so much


Incredibly helpful work.

Franca Pierucci

The first meeting went well.
I felt comfortable with Julie and the results.
I learnt a bit more about my emotional self.

Julie Weatherley

Session 26.9.2023 with Julie Reed.
The 1st session. This went well.
Julie is warm & friendly.
She listens carefully to you as she works on healing your life.

Clive Busby

I had my first session with Simeon today.
Booked in for another as I was impressed with his and
the Body Code’s healing potential


First session.
Above and beyond.
Pleased so far.

Alison Weller

It was a lovely session with Julie who I felt I already knew.
I really warmed to Julie, a really warm and genuine person.
Thank you!
I will be back for another session.


I had my first session with Simeon this morning and found it incredibly interesting and informative.
I feel very relaxed all day.
I have already booked my second session and am so grateful
for the wonderful healing, I have no doubt is taking place.


Julie was really nice and had this warm comforting mother energy.
It’s so great she knows about what is going on in the world.
I was pleasantly surprised by what came to the surface.
And how easy it was to clear those energies.
Thanks, Julie xx

Lydia Hiby

Thank you soo much for your insights and I feel so blessed
to connect with you and your work.


Very enjoyable and well worthwhile booking a session ..
thank you so much Julie !


A very worthwhile experience.
I recommend everyone do this, so you can better understand what your
body needs and clear the things that are blocking your greatness.


I had my session this morning.
I thought Simeon was wonderful.
He was very accurate and I am very pleased.

Agatha Grant

This morning I had a session with Julie..
I enjoyed the session very much..Julie has a very calming energy..
she tuned in to see what was at the root of my situation (dizziness)…
she also did some emotional code treatment which was required…