A Good Nights Sleep


At night we recharge and repair:

Sleep is the time when the brain heals the body.

Deep restorative sleep allows us to repair, regenerate and recharge. It is the time the immune system is most active, and the brain re-organizes its files for proper memory and mental function.

We go through 5 stages of sleep every night, or so we should do!

1: alpha – light sleep

2: spindle- k waves

3: delta- 1-2 cycles per second

4: delta- continuous

5: rem- rapid eye movement

The brain repairs the physical components of the body, bones ,muscles, organs etc. during phase 1-4. Mental repair does not occur until stage 5, rem. We only get rem sleep if the previous stages have been complete and uninterrupted. If we are too hot or cold, uncomfortable, worried or stressed, etc. our sleep cycles are disrupted, and we never reach rem sleep. Rem sleep usually lasts 50-70 minutes.


Some helpful solutions

  • Creating a healthy environment in the bedroom free of electrical appliances helps, as these energies degauss (interrupt), and drain our bodies, leaving us feeling tired and depleted.
  • keep the bedroom as simple and relaxing as possible.
  • Use a battery alarm clock, instead of electric.
  • keep the tv to living areas, rather than sleep areas.
  • Get some fresh air and exercise during the day.
  • Drink plenty of water look at your diet to see if food intolerance is affecting your sleep.
  • Take nutritional supplements as we all need them. Taking magnesium at night can help you sleep: it is also when we absorb the calcium into the bones and so it is a good idea to take a D3 and K2 supplement before bed to aid this process.
  • Think of all the things you are grateful for when you go to bed leave your problems for your waking hours, if you take them to bed, you will not solve them during the night!
  • All healing processes take place during sleeping cycle.

Energy sources

  • Our bodies are intimately connected to two main energy sources: the earth and the sun.
  • The magnetic field of the earth and that of our bodies both vibrate at the same frequency.
  • Our bodies emit the same heat energy {far- infra-red} as the sun.

Without the sun all life would die within a couple of weeks because it gives life to everything in our environment, we now need artificial sources of magnetic and far-infra-red energy, unless we are working outside all day and earth our bodies by walking barefoot on the earth.  Fortunately modern technology has produced some solutions that we can adapt into our daily lives, to enable us to live in a healthier environment.

  • Are you one of the many who drag themselves out of bed in the morning?
  • Do you feel tired and ready for a knap in the afternoon or early evening?

If the answer is yes, it could be you are one of the 60 % of the population that is not getting enough sleep i.e. 5-6 hours instead of 7-8 hours.

If you feel lack of sleep is affecting your work and concentration and maybe your ability to drive long distances or you would like to have more energy during the day there are solutions. Charging the body up with negative ions (earthing) is restorative for the bodies natural energy. Balanced serotonin levels help to regulate sleep.

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