Massage Therapy & Back Alignment

Deep Tissue Massage

Let our experienced therapists, Julie or Simeon take you on an exclusive sensational journey using techniques suited to your specific needs.

Deep tissue massage is used to relax the body while concentrating on areas that may be strained or aching.
We will use the ideal pressure for your body to ensure a pleasant and beneficial session.

You can personalise your massage by choosing one of our many essential oils.

Back Alignment

This is a treatment using deep tissue massage.

This deeper work allows for a release of deeper levels of tension and emotional stress stored in the body.

There are also physical strains that are addressed, but often we strain ourselves due to the level of tension carried in the body.

When we hold a lot of tension or strain in one area of the body, it throws everything out of alignment.
This deep-release work leaves one feeling much looser, freer and more energized.

Single Session

One 60 Minute Session

  • 1 Treatment
  • At Rineen Wellness Centre
€60 / per session

Special Package

Six 60 Minute Session

  • 6 Treatment
  • At Rineen Wellness Centre
€300 / 6 session

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