The Body Code – Detecting & Clearing Toxins

When we do a Body Code session we use kinesiology (muscle testing) to connect with your subconscious. Your subconscious mind always has the answers to what you need and what you have experienced. Through using this process with the Body Code we can uncover what may be underlying reasons for illness or disease.

Once we have pinpointed the toxin, that could be related to a particular illness someone is suffering from, it then puts us in a position to make lifestyle changes or contact a medical professional who can help with the detoxification process.
We are so bombarded by toxins in our day-to-day lives that it is easy to be affected by these toxins and it is a part of causing disease without us even noticing it

This is where the Body Code helps to resolve these issues, when we know where the problem lies we can then take action to fix it.

Heavy Metal Toxicity

Quite often using the Body Code heavy metal toxicity appears in people who are suffering from chronic illness. It’s common for the Body Code to direct people suffering from these issues to an infrared sauna, as this is a fantastic way to detox metals. The sweat created from this sauna is much more intense than your standard sauna, it’s a dry sauna that operates at a much lower heat usually only up to 60 degrees Celsius which is a very low gentle heat compared to a wet sauna. When this is combined with spirulina and zeolite it really assists the lymphatic system to detox heavy metals like mercury and aluminium fluoride. 
The sauna is one of my favourite detox methods, it feels amazing as the winters get cold.

Stress Hormones

Excess stress hormones can be very toxic to the body and when our cortisol levels are too high it can result in sex hormones like testosterone and oestrogen being reduced. Which can lead to brain fog and reduced energy levels.
Luckily the Body Code can help with this by clearing trapped emotions (emotional baggage) as well as energetically clearing other energetic imbalances which can cause stress.

We also use the Body Code to clear post-traumatic energies such as (physical trauma) which could be anything from a hit to surgery or a car accident and (physical emotional shock) the energy from a shocking event which gets stored in the Body.

These emotional events can create a reoccurring excess stress hormone to be present, using the Body Code can help to restore balance by removing the energy of the event causing the excess stress hormone.

Excess Metabolic Waste

Another way our body may become imbalanced is through excess metabolic waste, which is any substance that our bodies cannot metabolise.
This could be because an organ like the kidneys or liver is overloaded or possibly a substance, we have eaten is too toxic our bodies have trouble digesting. Some examples of this are the highly processed white bread or the wax coating on extremely cheap noodles.
When our bodies come into contact with these substances they can have trouble getting rid of the metabolic waste. In severe cases, the Body Code will guide us to colon cleanses in nutrition and lifestyle as a method of detoxing the excess metabolic waste.

Food Toxins

Food toxins are rampant and some of them have terrible side effects, if you notice all the fizzy drinks have gone sugar-free now and nearly all of them contain aspartame. This substance was banned not for human consumption between 1970-1974, It was then administered into dry food in 1974. Aspartame metabolises into formaldehyde in the body, it’s 200 times sweeter than sugar and it’s another substance that mutates DNA and drives cortisol (stress) up. It is certainly a problem that you need to be very vigilant if you want to buy a fizzy drink without this substance.

I just wonder if it is a coincidence that 1974 is the same year the dollar was removed from the gold standard.

Toxins like the heavy metal, cadmium are put in by certain chocolate companies like Lindt and cornflakes use iron filings as a fortifier for iron, so it is a challenge in this day and age to avoid toxins, but when we are aware of where they are coming from we have a lot more choices.

Toxins From Drugs

Energetically the toxins from drugs can get stored in our bodies, and this could be from a high dose of antibiotics from a tooth infection for example or any other event where the body cannot process the substance it has come into contact with. Clearing these energies can help the body restore back into a balanced state.

Electromagnetic Radiation

When we are working on computers every day and have a phone in our pockets we can be affected by electromagnetic radiation, which can be draining for our energetic body. Earthing ie walking barefoot on the grass is a great way to increase our energy. Earthing mats are a great way to do this when we don’t have access or time to get outside and walk barefoot on the grass. We can use earthing mats at our desks where we are working or add them to our bedding in order to get these benefits while we sleep.

Toxic Materials

Sometimes the effects of building materials like asbestos, formaldehyde and construction dust can create harmful effects on our lungs and other organs. The Body Code can help to pinpoint when these substances have been an issue. Then we can seek out the relevant health care professional when required. Mark Attwood’s hyperbaric oxygen chamber franchise is a great way of helping improve the health of our lungs.

Toxic Products

Using cooking utensils, like stainless steel and cast iron saucepans, are also important, as metals like aluminium, and Teflon have a damaging effect on our health.

Sometimes the energy of the toxin can be stored from many years back when we were much younger without us even realising it.

Because there are so many toxins in our environment these days, we need to be discerning, when making food choices and also in the cleaning agents we use for personal care and cleaning our homes.

Toxins in Water

Finding a good water filter that removes all chlorine aluminium fluoride and other contaminants is also very important, and then adding Celtic sea salt to our water to remineralize. It usually means finding a reverse osmosis system, just to know every contaminant has been removed.

There are many natural products available these days, and sometimes, just using vinegar for cleaning can be effective.


Taking supplements such as iodine NAC helps to restore our cellular health and other protocols like cold showers or sea bathing increase our glutathione, which is our master antioxidant, that helps us to eliminate heavy metals.

The Body Code helps us to pinpoint things that need addressing like this, which enables us to become aware take action and keep ourselves in a healthier state.

Gut Bacteria

Being mindful of the toxins we come into contact with is important, sometimes our gut bacteria can be damaged from overuse of antibiotics and other things. We can implement dietary changes like kefir from fermented yoghurt, saurkratt and kombucha to help restore our microbiome. This can have many benefits including improving digestion to help us better absorb the nutrition from our food. This in turn can speed up our metabolism and make it easier to lose excess body fat. Implementing these foods into our diet can help to treat conditions like IBS. The improvement of gut health has been shown to improve mental because there is constant communication between our guts and our brain, ever hear someone say they have a gut feeling?
Clearing trapped emotions with the Body Code can help to improve digestion, remember the time when you were so anxious or stressed the last thing you could think about was eating?
The Body Code can help people who get caught up in this cycle to improve balance with their digestion.

Eating food with a high nutrient density that is organically grown or an animal that has been wild and eaten a wide range of clean food feeds the body with the highest nutrient density.
It’s important to get enough protein in our diets and essential fats because we know these are needed for enzyme and hormone production among many things.

When we are using the Body Code we can test for nutrients and vitamins your body may need.
As well as foods your body may be needing or having trouble processing.


Getting good quality sleep is so important for our recovery, there is a saying we grow when we sleep after the gym not when we are in the gym and it’s true. If we are stressed out after a hard day and our mind is still thinking over the day and what’s happened it can be very beneficial to clear the trapped emotions from that day to improve our quality of sleep.

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