The Emotion Code

There is a fantastic energy healing technique designed by Dr Bradley Nelson you may not have heard
about yet! If you have struggled with your emotional health or stress levels in the past this can help you.

The technique uses applied muscle to connect with the client’s subconscious in order to pinpoint
imbalances in the form of trapped emotions.

Dr Bradley Nelson teaches how every we experience has an energetic vibrational frequency. Everything is connected through the collective consciousness which knows no time or space. This is why we can work with people halfway across the world and the healing be just as effective as in person.
Examples of how we are connected through the quantum field remember the time you were thinking of someone just before they called you out of the blue?

What Is A Trapped Emotion?

Simply put it’s an emotion our bodies have stored in our subconscious because it was too much for us to process during the time of the event.
Emotions particularly those experienced intensely or during emotionally charged events can become trapped in the body.
Some people believe our subconscious mind makes up 90% of our thought processes, it kind of makes sense when you think of all the time we spend running on autopilot and the time we spend dreaming each night.

The Key Elements of A Subconscious Mind

  • Beliefs
  • Habits
  • Intuition
  • Emotions
  • Protective reactions
  • Imagination

Trapped emotions can have a massive effect on our belief systems, remember the time you had a bad experience and then your subconscious created an association with that bad experience. These experiences can be at the root of creating faulty core beliefs.
The Emotion Code can clear these trapped emotions to help stop the subconscious mind from creating these faulty core beliefs.

The subconscious mind is the reason they say “you never forget how to ride a bike” if there was a way to help this function better and improve mental and emotional health wouldn’t you want to try it.
Luckily Dr Bradley Nelson has developed the Emotion Code which can help us improve this. 

So Why Do We Want To Clear Trapped Emotions?

Trapped emotions can be at the root of many issues as we know everything we experience has an energetic frequency storing these emotions can be directly linked to PTSD, depression and panic attacks.

As none of these conditions are caused specifically by physical injury, it is of massive benefit to clear the trapped emotions in order to remove the emotional baggage.

In some cases this can bring the body back to a balanced state, it just depends what is the root cause.

Not all trapped emotions are created the same and we have a few different types:

  • Common trapped emotions
  • Shared trapped emotions
  • Absorbed trapped emotions
  • Prenatal trapped emotions
  • Preconception trapped emotions
  • Inherited trapped emotions

Common Trapped Emotions

Negative emotions are vibrational frequencies that are generated by your organs and glands in response to stress, an experience, a negative thought or an imbalance in the body.
What makes these different to the other categories is that it is a personal experience.

Shared Trapped Emotions

.Are created when people experience an emotionally intense event and together, develop the same vibrational frequency. I like to give the example of when the Twin Towers went down many people were trapped the same shared emotion at that same time through experiencing the same event.

Absorbed Trapped Emotions

On rare occasions, one person may trap the emotional energy of another person if the latter is feeling that emotion in a powerful way. These are known as absorbed trapped emotions and can have the same effect as that of any other trapped emotion.
I like to think of this as when a person is so empathic to what another is feeling they end up carrying that emotion for them. Sadly some news broadcasts can have the effect of a lot of people absorbing fear and grief through the possibility of horrific events occurring.

Prenatal Trapped Emotion

Prenatal trapped emotions usually occur during the third trimester and are often absorbed emotions from the mother, but also can originate with the foetus.

Preconception Trapped Emotions

These trapped emotions are relatively rare. Some trapped emotions become lodged in the energy body prior to conception but are not inherited from an ancestor.

Inherited Trapped Emotions

In the same way that you can inherit your eye colour from your mother, or the shape of your face from your father, you can also inherit trapped emotions from your biological parents, received at the moment of conception.
I believe the clearing of inherited trapped emotions can heal intergenerational trauma. One of the best-documented effects of intergenerational trauma is that of how holocaust survivor’s children were traumatized generations wrong. The idea that “history is always written by the victors” proposes the extent of inherited trapped emotions is greatly unknown.

Emotional Effect on The Nervous System

Our emotional experiences have an effect on our nervous system. When emotions aren’t processed the stress on our nervous system can create a number of health problems.
Many people do not realise that there are more nerve endings in our digestion than in our brains. As a consequence of this, a build-up of emotional stress has a direct effect on our digestion and all the adjoining organs. We often hear people say they couldn’t stomach something when referring to an emotionally charged event. All of these things add to the decline of our health.

Releasing Trapped Emotions

When people release a build-up of emotional stress they often experience feelings of tiredness immediately after the release because the body has gone through the same emotional frequency of the event in order to process it and release it.

Once released people often say they feel much lighter and clearer and feel a big load has been taken from them. This allows for a deep level of healing to take place in the body when the interference has been removed.

Removing our trapped emotions can be even more important than cleaning our house or servicing our car.

While holding the intention of healing and working through the emotion code system, we can pinpoint the frequency of the emotion trapped. Sometimes we need to find out more information like the age of the event etc in order for our conscious mind to realise what was stored in our subconscious, once this happens we experience the vibrational frequency of the event and release it. Quite often suppressed memories can come back to be processed.

Benefits of using The Emotion Code Include

  • Improved physical: There is a strong connection between mental and physical health. Taking care of your mental well-being can have positive effects on your physical health by helping to reduce the risk of illness.
  • Increased happiness and life satisfaction: Better mental and emotional well-being often leads to an improved overall sense of happiness and life satisfaction. Positive emotions and a more optimistic outlook contribute to a fulfilling life.
  • Better relationships: emotional and mental wellbeing positively influences how we interact with others and also helps to improve self-awareness, empathy and communication skills.
  • Enhanced resilience: developing strong mental and emotional health helps people cope more effectively with stress, challenges, and adversity. It fosters resilience, allowing people to bounce back from setbacks and adapt to change more easily.
  • Effective stress management: Good mental and emotional health equips us with the tools to manage stress more effectively. This in turn can reduce the negative impact of stress on the mind.
  • Increased productivity and performance: A healthy mind often translates into improved concentration, focus and cognitive abilities. This can lead to increased productivity and better performance in both our personal and professional lives.
  • Better Sleep: Mental and emotional well-being is closely linked to sleep quality. Addressing mental health issues can contribute to better sleep patterns, promoting overall health and cognitive function.
  • Increased creativity: A positive mental state is often associated with increased creativity and innovation. When the mind is at ease, individuals may be more open to new ideas and problem-solving approaches.

The Emotion code is included in the Body Code, so when you book a Body Code session you get all the benefits of the Emotion Code plus so much more.

To book your session please use the link below.

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