Asea Redox Signaling Molecules

Some people are calling this the biggest breakthrough in biological science since the creation of penicillin or the discovery of DNA.

An Exciting Breakthrough

While the world has waited, during the last 16 years, researchers have been working on an amazing breakthrough in science within an area known as “Redox Signalling” With over 30 million dollars invested, their discovery is a quantum leap beyond anything we have previously known about how our cells function at the molecular level. The newly discovered science has recently been put in the form of a consumable product. There is no stimulants, side effects or toxic substances. It is not a drug, herb, vitamin, mineral, juice or nutrient. It is being called a redox signalling communication product and it’s the first of its kind in the health world. The high-impact results have many in the medical and health communities eager to learn more.

The company named ASEA, along with its Atomic Physicist Gary L. Samuelson Ph.O, building on 16 years of science have finalized a process to create and stabilize what are known as ‘reactive signalling molecules’. With over 30 patents, it uses a saline-type solution as the ‘carrier’ to these molecules. There are a trillion of these reactive molecules in every 32 oz bottle of ASEA. The process of replicating these signalling molecules outside the body was said to be impossible by researchers at Harvard, UCLA, and other top research schools. That is, until they tested the process and confirmed its validity. Research shows that ASEA’s scientific advancement allows the body to use antioxidants at a level of efficiency 500% higher than normal.

As the sports world becomes aware of this amazing scientific discovery, more and more people are finding great improvements in their performance and recovery. ASEA has tested some well-known endurance athletes including marathon runners and cyclists with incredible results. After undergoing Ventilatory Threshold [VT] testing, where athletes were pushed to the point of exhaustion, the athletes experienced almost unbelievable improvements. After taking ASEA for just 2 weeks, the athletes were seeing VT endurance gains averaging 12% as high as 30%. That’s unheard of in the sports and fitness communities with the exception of illegal and damaging steroid use {ASEA has test documentation showing no illegal/banned substances per WADA]. Marathon runners were actually calling the company inquiring as to why they were experiencing such amazing results after only being on the product a short period of time. Some marathon runners reported running ‘negative splits’ [running the second half of the marathon faster than the first half].

Apart from the athletic implications, ASEA can be helpful with helping the body recover from any kind of health challenge,[anything that has cells].

An Objective Study

About a year and a half ago, my friend started bugging me, doing his best to convince me to try this new product he was involved with.

“Sorry buddy. Never heard of it. Not interested.” I politely replied, rejecting the offer.

“Just take a look. Studies on athletes have shown that it can significantly increase aerobic capacity in endurance athletes and decrease recovery time between workouts. I think this could really benefit you.”

Whatever. I’ve heard it many times before, and I’ll hear it again, I’m sure. Just another new product hitting the market making claims it simply can’t support. Anyone who knows me knows that I am incredibly particular about my nutrition – an intense pickiness that extends beyond my whole food plant-based diet to the supplements I choose to incorporate into my daily routine. In fact, I do my best to keep my dietary supplements down to a bare minimum – only taking into my body that which is absolutely required to ensure my system gets what it needs; what I might have overlooked due to dietary restrictions; or what I may need to enhance recovery due to heavy training. The supplements I do use are generally organic and plant-based as opposed to chemical in composition — things like EFA Oil, plant-based protein powders, Chlorophyll, spirulina, and L-Glutamine. But that’s pretty much it, other than the plant-based recovery elixir I have been developing with Ascended Health. So I can’t say I was exactly open to trying a new product I not only had never heard of, but whose only active ingredient was also something I had never heard of – redox signaling molecules.

Redox Signalling technology is one of the most significant advances in medical science in recent times as it is fundamental to all biological multi-cellular processes. It is at the very core of mediating and regulating the mechanisms that restore functionality and health. The science of rearranging the elements of salt and water in the manner which is achieved at the cellular level enhances cellular function and efficiency in a non-specific and non-toxic way to allow the body’s own innate wisdom to determine the correct course of repair and rejuvenation for each individual.

Redox biochemistry is an exploding area of science with textbooks, medical journals and conferences demonstrating the significant role played by reactive oxygen species (ROS), reactive nitrogen species (RNS), reactive sulfur species (RSS), and free radicals in the regulation of pathogenesis of many diseases. As cells age or become diseased or damaged the production of these important healing molecules is interfered with. Redox Signaling Molecules are fundamental in the detection and correction of dysfunctional cells, the healing process, cellular communication and efficiency and the regulation of the immune response, as well as having potent anti-microbial properties.

While the science and research behind Redox Signalling is extensive, the product Asea which is the only available source of stabilized and balanced redox molecules outside of the body has been available only in the last 4 years. The Anti-Ageing and Regenerative effects exhibited by Asea that have been validated with scientific research are;

  • ASEA increases the antioxidant efficiency of glutathione peroxidase and superoxide dismutase (SOD) inside living cells by more than 500%.
  • ASEA significantly stimulates the production of the master antioxidants inside the cells without causing an inflammatory response.
  • ASEA significantly increases the efficiency of communication signals between cells, those involved in cell damage detection, cell repair, and cell replacement.
  • ASEA is safe for ingestion and exhibits zero toxicity, based on standard safety biomarkers.
  • Athletic endurance, as measured by time to ventilatory threshold and time to VO2 max, is significantly increased by more than 10% on average.
  • ASEA helps speed recovery after athletic exertion.
  • ASEA shifts 43 metabolites in the body. Mobilizing free fatty acids into the bloodstream for fuel, even before exercise. The implication is that muscle glycogen is likely being spared by drinking ASEA. While further research is being done to confirm this, the ramifications are huge. Athletes take months to train their bodies to spare glycogen and use fatty acids as fuel. And here it appears to be happening simply from drinking ASEA.

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Recommended Reading

Dr Narain Naidu, who has partnered with ASEA has just published “Redox Life” a 500-page
definitive guide to Redox Biotech.
Which is available on Amazon


REDOX Life (Bio-Rep Media Education Series Volume 757) is a comprehensive work that will take you through the following 5 chapters:

Chapter 1: REDOX Principles
All biological processes, from cell division
to secretion, to cell migration in an early embryo, require energy. Thus, without a constant supply (capture and release) of energy, life on Earth would cease to exist. This chapter introduces some of the key REDOX principles that support these energy transfer mechanisms.

Chapter 2: REDOX Chemistry
The average adult human body contains at least detectable traces of 60 chemical elements; 20 of these are known to play an active positive role in REDOX life. This chapter explains how human biochemistry interplays with transition metals, reactive oxygen species (ROS), reactive nitrogen species (RNS), reactive sulfur species (RSS), and free radicals.

Chapter 3: REDOX Biology
REDOX plays a pivotal role in various biochemical processes of living organisms, including energy production (ATP generation), host defence
(phagocytic killing of pathogens) and cell signalling. In this chapter, you will learn about the various enzymes and regulatory proteins that tightly control these processes.

Chapter 4: REDOX Medicine
REDOX Medicine deals with the metabolic states of health and disease based on the movement of oxygen (O2) and its reactive oxygen and nitrogen species (ROS/RNS) through cellular pathways. This chapter explores over 30 major clinical conditions and elucidates the role of REDOX pharmaceutical interventions in their treatment.

Chapter 5: REDOX Nutrition
Nutrition is the provision of chemicals necessary to support the metabolism of cells and organisms. In this chapter, explore how antioxidants and other REDOX-supportive nutrients are critical to sustaining good health.

Deirdre Morrin

An Athletes perspective

I’m not a doctor. But I was pre-med for two years at Stanford, where I studied human biology and organic chemistry. And so to a limited degree, I know a few things. But redox signalling molecules? What the heck is that? I chalked it up to creative marketing, cryptically dressing up what clearly was nothing more than the latest snake oil with some half-baked scientific labelling mumbo-jumbo. Tim’s a nice guy, but I wasn’t buying. Thanks but no thanks.

But Tim persisted. Just try it, he urged, following up by sending me a litany of research materials and scientific studies performed by disinterested third parties on the science behind redox signalling and reactive molecules. I read them all, then did my own research. It’s very complex stuff, indeed. But I’ll do my best to explain what I learned in the most simplistic of terms.

Let’s start at the beginning. The human body is made up of somewhere in the range of 100 trillion cells. Within each cell are mitochondria, which are responsible for the creation of energy by way of what is called the Krebs Cycle. This process entails the conversion of glucose to ATP. The byproducts of the Krebs Cycle along the Electron Transport Chain are what are known as redox signalling molecules (“RSM”). Originally, scientists perceived these byproducts as metabolic waste – oxidants and reductants that must be purged from the cell in order to remain healthy. However, current research suggests otherwise. That in fact a proper homeostatic balance of oxidants and reductants is absolutely necessary for maintaining cellular health, including virtually all of the functions of the immune system and tissue regeneration response. In the most simplistic terms, they provide a means by which cells participate in intra- and inter-cellular damage-control communications, activation of antioxidants, cellular protection and defence against toxins and free radicals, and in the healing response. The human body is constantly working to maintain cellular health by balancing these redox signaling molecules to rid the body of harmful components and to clean up the oxidative stress and free radical damage that occurs at the cellular level, while simultaneously ensuring the cell’s ability to maintain proper communication with its environment. When these reactive molecules are in the proper balance, the immune system and healing process function at their optimal level.

Virtually all disease and bodily challenges are caused by what is called oxidative stress – an increasingly salient reality of living in modern times attributable to a wide variety of factors, including sun damage, excessive exercise, electromagnetic radiation, food additives and preservatives, x-ray radiation, prescription drugs, heavy metals, stress, anxiety, air & water pollution, lack of sleep, and toxic industrialized chemicals to name a few. These factors cause our cells to produce an excess of oxidants in comparison to reductants – thus throwing off the cell’s homeostatic balance of RSMs and promoting the proliferation of harmful free radicals. But this imbalance is how the cell detects damage and is signalled to repair itself. The immune system is summoned, prompting repair, or replacement of the cell via mitosis (cell division) of a neighbouring healthy cell. Without this excess of oxidants indicating oxidative stress, the cell wouldn’t know to reach out for restorative help. Too many oxidants lead to a proliferation of damaged cells. However, too few oxidants impair the cell’s ability to signal an immune response and to repair damage. Therefore, balance – homeostasis – is key.

However, chronic oxidative stress leads to a proliferation of free radicals that unless neutralized, lead to cell damage that will continue to worsen – damaging the cell walls, vessel walls, proteins, fats and even the DNA nucleus of our cells — until the cell can no longer properly function. The result advances the ageing of tissues, leading to poor health and the potentiality of degenerative disease.

It is for this reason that we are constantly inundated with the health benefits of anti-oxidants. The idea is that these molecules combat the proliferation of free radicals in an effort to bring the cell back to healthy homeostasis. But herein lies the rub. First, most antioxidant supplements are molecules far too large to pass through the cell wall, averaging about 200 atoms in diameter. Therefore, most (some scientists estimate about 90%) are denied entry to the place where they are needed most – inside the cell where the free radicals are found. Second, one anti-oxidant molecule is empowered to combat one free radical molecule before becoming essentially inert. It is thus a 1:1 ratio. However, the body generally harbours about 100 sextillion free radicals a day. That’s a heck of a lot! Due to this restrictive 1:1 ratio, scientific studies show that your body can’t possibly ingest enough antioxidants to eliminate the number of free radicals your body makes every day. For example, you would have to eat 32 pounds of strawberries, 31 pounds of raspberries, AND 15 pounds of dark chocolate per day to achieve the antioxidant power that it would take to eliminate the free radicals that are created naturally in the body.


This is where ASEA comes in – as the first and only RSM supplement. As stated above, stable RSMs are central to the body’s healing mechanisms, mediating multiple cellular defence, repair & replacement signalling pathways. ASEA purports to have determined a completely stable, balanced, bio-available and entirely non-toxic formula of RSMs native to the body that can effectively penetrate the cell wall (unlike most anti-oxidant supplements), efficiently combat free radicals, stimulate the body’s production of its own antioxidant defences, and stabilize the proper homeostasis of oxidants to reductants to optimize cellular communication, repair, and replacement, thus enhancing the body’s ability to properly function, recover, and simply work as designed.

Moreover, independent studies show that ASEA when in contact with living cells increased the efficiency of some of our body’s most important native antioxidants inside living cells – such as glutathione peroxidase and superoxide dismutase (SOD) — by more than 500%. In other words, ASEA is purported to significantly stimulate the cell’s own production of the master antioxidants inside the cells without causing an inflammatory immune system response. What does this mean? It means that the body becomes empowered to neutralize approximately 70,000,000 free radicals per second — the rate at which native Glutathione Peroxidase is able to process oxidative free radicals. Quite an improvement over the results that can be achieved by a diet rich in antioxidants.

But let me be clear on one point that is likely on your mind. ASEA is not a vitamin, mineral, juice, or antioxidant. And yet it is not a drug either, having received the clean certificates of analysis required by the UCI, the organization that coordinates and monitors doping in cycling. There is nothing in ASEA that could possibly be classified as a banned substance. Period. Again, ASEA is entirely non-toxic and native to the body. In fact, it doesn’t force the body to do anything it wouldn’t ordinarily do. It’s not a cure for anything and is not a replacement for proper nutrition. It merely enhances the body’s innate ability to repair itself. The company describes the product as follows:
“ASEA is the world’s first and only Redox Signaling Molecular Supplement based on over 16 years of scientific research, 23 patents and approximately $17 million in research. ASEA is a proprietary blend of naturally occurring reactive molecules in a salt-water solution derived from a patented redox-balanced process. This unique patented electrochemical process rearranges the salt-water solution constituent components into a beneficial mixture that is critical to proper balanced cellular chemistry in the body…enabling the immune system to function at its optimal level. The ASEA salt-water solution is the same solution found in every cell in the human body.”
The purported benefits of ASEA extend to athletic performance. ASEA studies on athletes demonstrate:

* An increase in athletic endurance, as measured by time to ventilatory threshold and time to VO2max, by more than 10% on average;
* A 10% increase in the athlete’s ability to sustain the maximum threshold
* A reduction in heart rate in some cases, evidencing an increase in aerobic capacity;
* A reduction in soreness, inflammation and recovery time; and
* An increase in lactate flushing by 5-10%.

Granted, these are studies conducted by ASEA. So it’s not surprising that the findings were positive. Additional double-blind studies on ASEA’s effects on athletic performance are currently in motion under the authority of highly reputable third-party laboratories, so I anxiously await those results.

Fine. All is well and good on paper. At least enough to convince me to give it a try. So about a year ago – a short while before ASEA was even officially introduced to the marketplace — I relented and Tim sent me a crate of the stuff. At first taste, I have to say I was not impressed. The stuff tastes like pool water. But I agreed to give it an honest go, my expectations limited at best. 4 ounces twice a day. Bear in mind that my first-hand findings are hardly scientific – purely anecdotal in fact. Not a variable-free double-blind study by any stretch. But I have to say that I did find that my training kicked into high gear. I was recovering rapidly between workouts, despite a very heavy load averaging around 20-25 hours per week, particularly in the lead-up to EPIC5. I did not get sick, injured or overly fatigued. I just got stronger. My power on the bike continued to escalate, and I did not experience the weariness I had suffered this same month of training the year prior. To double-check, I went through my training logs from the previous season and evaluated where I stood in comparison. To be certain, I understand that there are other factors at play – having only been competing in endurance sports for a few years, it is to be expected that I would continue to improve, particularly as I learned more about how to perfect my nutrition. However the gains exceeded what I anticipated, and this was reflected in my periodic lactate tests, which give me an accurate window into my true physical condition.

And so I continued to use the product. I trained for EPIC5 on ASEA. And have been using it consistently ever since. I realize there will be naysayers and doubters out there. I don’t blame you. I was definitely one of them. However, I do believe that I am realizing tangible performance gains as a result of consistent use, most noticeably in my ability to recover between workouts.

Despite my inner conviction about the benefits of the product, I remained reluctant to speak publicly about my experience until I could better understand the science behind ASEA. So I reached out to the company’s higher-ups and recently flew out to their corporate HQ in Salt Lake City to learn more. Despite the gains I knew I had reaped by using the product, I still had many doubts. However, I spent several hours meeting with Dr. Gary Samuelson, the scientific mind behind ASEA. A PhD in Atomic/Medical Physics from the University of Utah with a specialization in the emerging field of redox signalling science, Gary patiently walked me through the biochemistry and the research conducted in the field, with respect to ASEA and the field of research in general. I was impressed, leaving my meeting with Dr. Samuelson even more satisfied that my anecdotal findings are indeed on par with the scientific underpinnings of the product. If you are interested in learning more about Dr Samuelson’s perspective on redox signalling, you can read his book, The Science of Healing Revealed—New Insights into Redox Signaling.

But there was one more thing I needed to address. The fact that ASEA is structured as a multi-level marketing company – a network marketing business model often associated with sham products, shady business practices, disingenuous sales tactics and improbable promises of wealth to naive sales associates. If there was anything I did not want to be involved with, it was a shady business; and MLMs don’t exactly have the best reputation. My guard was up. However, I spent several hours with the management team, including CEO Verdis Norton and left with a few key insights. First, ASEA is essentially a family-run business. Verdis’ team includes his two sons Jon and Tyler, as well as his daughter Nancy – all people I have come to respect and hold in high regard, not just for their business acumen, but as human beings. Second, it is an enterprise in which ethics and morals are not just given lip service, but are the very foundation of their corporate culture. I honestly believe their primary goal is to help people by improving health and empowering the individual. To be certain, ASEA is a business for profit. But I know that there is a much higher purpose at play that motivates the Nortons far beyond the promise of a dollar.

Over the last year, I have been approached by many nutrition and supplement companies seeking my endorsement. Each and every time I have said no. Usually the products just simply don’t live up to their purported benefits. I can’t in good conscience promote a message of optimal wellness and endorse a product that contains chemicals, preservatives, GMO or synthetic sugars, even if it is technically “vegan” or tied to some evidence of short-term performance benefit. And quite frankly, I didn’t want to feel obligated to promote something – I’d rather choose the foods and nutrition that suit me, and freely share my objective perspective with whoever is interested without the tether of obligation. But with ASEA I believe I have found a product I can stand behind 100%. For these reasons, I feel I can wholeheartedly and proudly endorse this product – my first formal endorsement of a nutritional product as an athlete.

Again, I urge all of you to do your own research and draw your own conclusions. I’m not asking anyone to take my word for it.