Post Traumatic – Subsection of The Body Code

In life, we experience events which can be emotionally and physically traumatic.
This energy can become stored in our subconscious mind and affect our recovery from severe to minor injuries or illnesses. These energies get stored when we are unable to process the event at that time.

It can leave us in a state of shock. When Dr Braley Nelson created the Body Code he designed it to work on all aspects of what the body may need from nutrition & lifestyle, detecting toxins and clearing of energy’s which are interrupting the body from being in a balanced state.
Post-traumatic is actually a subsection in the subsection of energy in the body code, Dr Bradley Nelson really did think of everything when he created this fantastic energy healing system.

The severity of post-traumatic energy can completely destroy the quality of the lives of people who suffer from it.
There are a lot of statistics that soldiers are at a far greater risk of death from suicide than of being killed in a war they had been a part of. Quite often they will suffer from night terrors and PTSD.
It is believed that this is caused by the post-traumatic energy that is stored in the body.

Brave women like Cathy O’Brien who has survived SRA have spoken about the gealing of post-traumatic energy and how journaling and writing about the experience and the emotions linked to the event can help to accelerate the processing of these emotions from the subconscious mind.

Cathy talks about how when these post-traumatic energies are so severe they can cause the personality to split. This is the body’s innate survival mechanism working in times of severe trauma to keep the body moving forward.

I have worked with clients with Bipolar symptoms with the Body Code and the benefits were fantastic, she ended up traveling back to her home country where she hadn’t been for years to confront what had affected her inner child and make peace with her family. It was an honour to be able to help with this healing process.

Have you ever wondered why you over-react to something someone says and feel very strong
emotions around something that seems trivial on reflection?

How Post-Traumatic Events Affect Us

Throughout our lives, things happen to us that we don’t expect, and can stop us in our tracks. This can
create subconscious obstacles in our usual day-to-day lives. When incidents happen to us or around us, we feel the energic charge of these events, and they can be incongruent with our natural way of being.

When we are exposed to violence, aggression, or an accident, these things can have a dramatic effect on how we feel, sometimes leaving us numb or stunned, or in a state of shock. It can even be a sudden loss of a dear friend or family or even something someone says to you that is close to you, that completely shocks you.

All of these things raise our cortisol levels and can put us in a fight or flight mode. This often leads to adrenal fatigue, high blood pressure and a poorly functioning immune system.
Many people live with manageable health issues, that often get tipped to a more chronic stage when they are highly stressed. Things are thrown off balance and impair our physical and emotional health.
As people lead busy lives, and often make themselves busy to cope with stressful issues, pushing things aside.
Until we reach a stage where the body, or mind says NO MORE.

This is where the Body Code can be of enormous help to people in releasing the build-up of stress, by first identifying core issues, and then releasing the emotional stress.
The Body Code is also very helpful, in this situation, to also identify other imbalances that may have
occurred due to the build-up of stress.

When we are prepared to look at our Emotional Health as well as our Physical health, there is a great
payback in the restoration and rebalancing of the different areas that have been preventing us from being our best.

The Body Code takes a close look into post-traumatic energy and how it affects the human body by
categorising it into 3 main sections physical trauma, physical-emotional shock and recovery interference.

Physical Trauma:

This energy is a vibrational frequency that may become stuck in the body during an intense trauma that is physically shocking or stressful. Normally this energy is processed and released automatically, but it could become stuck if it is very extreme, or if the body is already imbalanced in some way.

Examples of causes for this energy to get stored in the body could include an injury like a fall, being hit or a car accident. A very severe illness or surgery can cause post-traumatic energy to be stored in the body.

Physical-Emotional shock: this refers to an emotionally shocking event where that is so severe that we could not fully process it at that time.

Recovery interference: This is a type of energy that develops when the body’s recovery process from minor to severe injury or illness is interrupted and the body is unable to return to a balanced state. This energy could potentially interfere with the body’s normal processes. And could be linked to symptoms including chronic or recurring inflammation, muscle spasms and scar tissue. Releasing recovery interference energy may potentially encourage the body to initiate the healing process all over again.
One result of this could include inflammation, which is generally a normal and important process, as long as it is short-term and not interrupted.

It’s important to note that individuals respond differently to trauma, and not everyone who experiences a traumatic event will develop long-term effects. However, for those who do, seeking support from mental health professionals and using an energy healing technique like the Body Code can be crucial in the healing process. There can also be great benefits from journaling as this accelerates the processing.

If you or someone you know is struggling with the effects of trauma they may benefit from a Body Code session.
Post-traumatic events can cause a disturbance or interruption in sleep, sometimes causing the person difficulty getting to sleep or waking in a state of distress like being in fight or flight mode.
These experiences can make it hard to trust others creating a state of fear that the same bad event will repeat and sadly the fear of the event happening again can cause the cycle to repeat. This can be the reason people choose isolation as a form of self-protection.

The Body Code allows the client to pinpoint the emotional frequency stored in their subconscious mind of the post-traumatic energy to bring back the memory of the event. This can bring back all of the emotions and feelings from the event in order to process the event and allow it to be a past event which is no longer affecting their present moment.
It is common for people who have had post-traumatic experiences to have blocked out the memories of those experiences.
This only blocks the memories out of the conscious awareness it still can be creating massive effects to peoples health in the form of health conditions like PTSD, depression and panic

Quite often when people are in such a low state of being after suffering such traumatic events they can be left very vulnerable. Such trauma can leave people very open to suggestions and a poor ability for self-defence. Dr Bradley Nelson has included almost everything that can be happening to someone on an energetic level so the Body Code can help with all of the other mental and emotional elements that can affect people in this situation.
I am so grateful that Dr Bradley Nelson has given me the opportunity to help people along their healing journey with such challenging health conditions.

Our aim is to help and support people on their journey to becoming their best and achieving their goals and dreams. We are all on a journey of knowing and understanding, and removing obstacles with the Body Code helps us to achieve more on this journey.

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