Rineen Retreat & Wellness Centre

“We built this centre with the vision of not just having a therapy centre, but creating a space for people to allow their inner healing”


Julie has had a lifelong career in Natural health, beginning with massage, Aromatherapy and back alignment therapy, followed by a 6-month study in Chinese medicine.

After a few years of working with physical and back problems, then realizing so much is stress and emotionally related, I began a study of Hypnotherapy and went on to become qualified and a member of the British Society of Clinical Hypnotherapy.

30 years ago we built our Natural Healing Centre where we work, live, and grow food. Having a lifelong interest in nutrition, constantly researching and studying, as this is a big part of the Pillars of Health, exploring many modalities of diet and nutrition.

I once taught Yoga, after a 3-year course with the British Wheel of Yoga, and promote exercise as being another vital Pillar.
We use detox systems here, as well as an infra-red sauna and PMF
6 years ago I was introduced to the Body Code and Emotion Code, and so I did these courses to become qualified to practice these techniques, which have been invaluable in helping people with a wide range of problems over the last few years, and especially as we can do this from a distance

My aim is to help people on a Holistic level, to feel more balanced, healthy and at peace with themselves, enabling them to move forward to become the best version of themselves.


Julie is delighted to introduce her son Simeon to the Wellness Centre.
Simeon is a personal trainer and is also qualified in Emotion Code, Body Code and Massage.

Simeon has always enjoyed the benefits of strength training and has learnt a lot from having
personal training clients of all ages and backgrounds. Simeon went on from working in a big box commercial gym to opening his own personal training studio.
Simeon trained as a massage therapist 4 years ago and has been working from Rineen Wellness centre.

Having gained great experience giving orthopedic massage under Dr Clifford in the Haven
pain relief, he will use deep tissue techniques to help you recover from injury.

Working as a Body Code practitioner over the past 2 years, I have helped people to remove energy blocks and clear their deepest traumas.
The benefits of the Body Code Continue to amaze